Online Shipping
Online Shipping

Case Study 5 - Foreign Based Companies (outside of Canada and USA)

The E-SHIPPER suite of online programs allows companies from anywhere in the world to mantain a presence in Canada or the USA just as if they were based there themselves.

One of our clients operates a network marketing company based out of India. This company sells a full line of consumer products that are sold in India and in the USA. This client maintains a large 3rd party warehouse in the USA for all their Amercian orders. When they came to us they wanted to expand into the Canadian market and were pleasantly surprised to learn that they could ramp up their Canadian service immediately by utilizing E-SHIPPER and our warehousing services.

Our client simply sends us all the stock that they would like for us to keep on hand based on the frequency of their orders. Once the goods arrive into Canada we customs clear the items and record everything into our online E-Order system which allows our client to see their inventory in real-time remotely. All shipping reports are viewed remotely through E-SHIPPER in real-time time giving our client complete visibility into his Canadian business.

All shipments are sent direct from our warehouse location at low wholesale domestic pricing, as opposed to our client shipping direct from India at expensive International rates. We also eliminate all the complicated customs clearance issues.

Our client's distributors and clients can also come to our facility which is open (24/7) to physically pick up their orders if they so desire. The beauty about this arrangement is that our client no longer has to charge any customs duties to their distributors which makes for a more seamless process. Having the ability to pick up their items locally gives clients the confidence to purchase. Maintaining a physical presence in Canada instills credibility and increases sales.

Service Features

Eliminate border problems and save on response times and brokerage fees by placing your inventory in our warehouse.
Avoid paying International rates on shipping. Shipping your stock from our warehouse provides you with extremely low domestic shipping rates.
E-SHIPPER opens up the huge Canadian market to you just like there was no border.
Large volume distributions can be handled.
Special needs like packaging and crating.
Pick and Pack services (mix and match certain items - kitting).
Modern temperature controlled facilities fully equipped with loading docks.
Low monthly rental fees. (we want your shipping)
All facilities close to the US/Canadian border.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week bonded facilities.


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