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Case Study 3 - 3PL Companies (Located Outside of Canada and the USA)

If you have clients that ship items to, from (and within) Canada then we can provide you with the infrastructure and technology that will allow you to offer a distribution point direct out of our main facilities in Canada and the USA.

One of our clients operates a successful wholesale courier company out of London, England. They sell courier services to the retail public. Two of the destinations that they service from the UK are Canada and the USA. Since this courier company has excellent shipping volumes to Canada and the USA they are able to enter all their daily orders into E-SHIPPER and print out the waybills on their end (to affix to the packages). Once all the packages are ready to go they simply consolidate all the shipments together in courier bags and then send them by Air to us here in Canada and the US. This specific company ships to us in this same manner 5 days a week. We do all the customs clearances on their behalf and then interject the shipments into the appropropriate domestic courier stream.

Utilizing E-SHIPPER in this fashion saves our client big money on each shipping transaction. Instead of having to ship each package individually and pay expensive International rates direct from the UK to Canada and the US, our client can instead consolidate a batch of shipments and only pay very low domestic shipping rates.

Since all shipments are entered by our client, they are in complete control of every package from origin to destination. This client also has complete visibility into all the tracking and reporting of every shipment in real-time. Our alliance with this particular UK courier company has allowed them to expand their customer base by offering highly discounted rates along with premium service levels that their competitors simply cannot match.


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