Online Shipping
Online Shipping

Case Study 2 - Home Based Businesses & Retail Corporations

Home based businesses and Retail Corporations can easily link up to our stand alone
E-SHIPPER browser based control panel to facilitate all shipping requirements. There is no need for any plug-ins or external integration to begin shipping immediately right from your desktop.

Jim markets his trade show booths via eBay auctions. His online success resulted in a small problem, Jim quickly grew out of his home based business and needed more space to store his product (which is very bulky). Now Jim uses the E-SHIPPER warehousing services and sends his stock directly from the manufacturer to us. The first shipment of stock that arrived to us was an ocean container filled with his product. We unloaded the container, physically counted his inventory and stored his stock in computerized designated locations in our warehouse facility.

All of Jim's products are uploaded into our online E-Order program which allows Jim to have complete visibility into his inventory in real-time. When Jim needs to have a booth sent out to one of his customers, he simply dispatches the order from his online E-Order Admin panel and our warehouse staff retrieves and sends out the order the very same day. Jim sees the full shipping transaction from his online backend E-SHIPPER account.

Utilizing the E-SHIPPER modules gives Jim the flexibility to be anywhere in the world and manage his business right from his computer desktop. Jim was also able to save money eliminating two part-time employees and no longer has the dilemma of deciding whether he should sign a costly lease for renting office space that he could grow out of in a couple of months. With E-SHIPPER he has the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade his space at any time without consequence.


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