Online Shipping
Online Shipping


Foreign Companies (including Couriers and Forwarders) can utilize the E-SHIPPER engine for courier distributions that come into Canada and the U.S.A. This new system will save money on each package and streamline the shipping process in the way of tracking and reporting.

Our approach is to offer foreign companies the ability to feed their Canadian and U.S. traffic direct into our system no matter where clients reside in the world. Clients would enter the shipment details into our online system and then send the consolidation into the suitable Canadian or U.S. port of entry for injection into the appropriate courier system (like FedEx, Purolator or DHL).

Shipping labels can be printed at the origin or we can print the labels once the packages get to Canada or the United States. Companies utilizing our system save substantially taking advantage of a completely paperless system with full blown reporting and tracking capabilities.

E-SHIPPER provides companies with complete control over their shipping process from printing labels all the way to tracking and tracing. We simply act as the intermediary between you and the carrier for obtaining our preferential rates which reflect domestic pricing as opposed to International pricing.

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